De Cecco Gnocchetti di Zita n. 37 Italienische Pasta 500G

Product description

Gnocchetti di Zita are part of the very short, straight cut pasta family and originate from Campania. Although much shorter that Zitone, Gnocchetti di Zita have the same diameter and thickness, and because they are so porous, they can be used in a variety of pasta dishes with tomato sauce or in soups and minestrone soups. Ideal with… Gnocchetti di Zita are especially suited to preparing pasta dishes with a variety of sauces ranging from meat to fish, and from vegetables to pulses. The secret of a perfect recipe is that the sauces have a sufficiently liquid consistency so they penetrate inside the pasta. This pasta is also just as good for preparing broths and soups with vegetables or pulse.Cooking time: 13 min – “al dente”11 min

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